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We care that all our customers are satisfied and that is why we do our best. We have special packaging materials that protect against breakage, are thoroughly packed and thus we can assure you that we will deliver the goods without any worries.

On the day of delivery, the driver will contact you by phone and will contact you, regarding the details of handing over your order, informing you of the approximate time of handing over your order and the amount of cash on delivery and other possible requirements.

the consignment will be delivered in the standard range of 8–16 hours on working days (specify the exact time after contact with the driver). If you are not found, we will leave you a notice and we will try to deliver the package again the next working day

the weight of the package is limited to 50 kg

It is possible to arrange individually, we are able to send our driver, who would consult you and help with unpacking.

The route of the shipment can be tracked on the Internet on the website www.ppl.cz or www.cpost.cz after entering its number


orders up to CZK 5,000 are charged and you will see the fee in your order

orders over 5000 CZK are free throughout the Czech Republic


the price of the shipment is calculated in matters from the country of destination and ranges from 100-150 CZK / kg

in matters from the country of destination each shipment has a maximum of 20kg America, Azerbaijan 30kg

delivery time after sending the order is max. 4 weeks usually it is 2-3 weeks

Acceptance and complaints:

when accepting the shipment, check the package of the shipment - a visible defect (damage to the package) must be reported immediately and noted in the consignment note plus a photo of the damaged package, it must be recorded on video when unpacking the package. It is thus possible to take over the consignment even with this defect without fear of the subsequent claim of possible damage (a VIDEO RECORDING DURING UNPACKING SO THAT THAT IT WAS PROVIDING THAT THE GOODS WAS DAMAGED NOT YOUR WILD) is necessary.

check the contents of the consignment after the driver's departure, the driver is not waiting to check the contents during handover - hidden defects can be reported within 24 hours of receipt of the consignment and request a record of damage.

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